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The Maharashtra Eco Pad Yatra 2011-2012

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We all went for an Eco Pad Yatra from Mumbai to Bhopal. All the nuns came together for the Yatra from Ladakh and Nepal Nunneries, there were about 350 nuns on the pilgrimage. The first spot was Mumbai, the place where we started the Pad Yatra was the India Gate. There was an opening ceremony, the first holy place we visited was the Elephanta Caves; to reach there we had to go by boat across the ocean. The scene from the boat was wonderful.

When we saw the caves they were so amazing we all were wondering that how the Great Siddhas created it. It was so nicely carved, but unfortunately most of the statues and stupas were ruined by the Muslims a long time ago.


After the Elephanta Caves we went by bus to a nice place away from the city and busy roads and started walking. During the whole pilgrimage we collected a lot of plastic. The real meaning for going to walking pilgrimage was, for the benefit of all sentient beings and to pay homage to the great masters and the work done by our masters and, second one is to carry out Live to Love principles like environment and recycling.

If we do not use plastic:-

In the villages they will have clean soil and water ways.

It can prevent people and animals from sickness, disease and death because plastic is poisonous and toxic, especially if it gets into our food and bodies.

Holiness gave many talks and explanations of these things, he said,

“These are some examples I have seen in our daily life, but you also may have many problems, we are not talking about today or tomorrow. Think about our future your future your grandchildren future. Don’t think about whole world but at least think about your relatives your near and dear ones. I know it’s little difficult to get rid of plastics forever as there is plastic in everything but at least don’t throw it everywhere if you will keep your surroundings clean some people who come to visit you can get an example. Then it will slowly spread to one and then slowly others. Then the people can know the message of Live to Love.”

We also visited a lot of holy places and many holy caves too during the month of Pad Yatra. We received blessings from the holy places, especially one very old cave that was almost unknown and very few people visit there. Holiness also gave Ngondro teachings and every day we had morning and evening ritual practice. The weather in the daytime was a bit hot and the nights were cold but we all enjoyed the weather, walking and collecting plastics.



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