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Niguma was a formidable mahasiddha, variously described as the sister or consort of Naropa who was once a gatekeeper of the famous Nalanda University. She founded the practice known as The Six Yogas of Niguma. She was born in 1025. She is also known as Vimalashri.

Naropa taught different things to each of his students, and Niguma received the teachings that became known as the Nigu Chos-drug, or the Six Yogas of Niguma.

Once Niguma herself had reached enlightenment, she began to pass her knowledge on to others. Her most famous disciple was the Tibetan yogi and Bönpo Khyungpo Naljor, the only one to whom she imparted her most secret teachings. The Shangpa school, although officially founded by Khyungpo Naljor, is in reality based on this transmission from Niguma.

When Khyungpo Naljor arrived at Niguma's dwelling place, the charnel ground of Sosaling, she appeared to him as a dark brown dakini "dancing above him in the sky" and "adorned with ornaments of human bones".



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