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Shugseb Jetsun Rinpoche was sometimes known as Lochen. She was born in Rewalsar, India, and from childhood, Lochen was a diligent practitioner. Her mother was also a devoted practitioner, who accompanied her daughter on many pilgrimages and encouraged her practice.  Her connection was mainly to the holy lineage of Palden Drukpa and Sangag Nyingma tradition. She was invited by Ladakh King and the people of its region. When she visited Ladakh, the King and Queen of Ladakh, their ministers, and everybody wept in tears after seeing her (then only a little child) reciting Om Mani Padme Hung and encouraging everyone else to do so!

Lochen took Drupchen Pema Gyatso as one of her main gurus. Under his guidance she became a great practitioner of Terma and Chod. As most of the masters were, she became ordained, Lochen was very well known to be a great pilgrim.  She took this as a mean of purifications. Many of her students were encouraged as well.  She also did many pilgrimages with her master and visited a lot of the sacred places in Tibet as well as neighboring regions. She founded the Shugseb nunnery, which is South west of Lhasa. There she established a firm body of disciples, lineage of teachings. She also encouraged the women to become ordained and be accomplished and mastered in Dzogchen realization. Her firm and main seat Shugseb and its nuns became a great example for all the female practitioner. Many masters such as the sixteenth Karmapa, Trulshik Rinpoche,  Reting Rinpoche, Shechen Rabjam and many other great masters of that time came to pay respect to  her.  She was known as a living Mahasiddha who was accomplished in Mahamudra and Dzogchen within her life. She left her body in 1951.



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